The Great Northwest

I fall in love a little more each day in this mystical land of the mist……….where pristine beauty and high frequency creational energy is abundantly present in 5D.

I was invitied to a gathering in Seattle with Lee Carroll the channel for Kryon. Lee mentioned this area is known for more channels than anywhere else, they start here and/or reside here.  Perhaps due to the pristine nature of this area and that the veil is quite thin. Constant exposure to the natural ionization from the pacific ocean as well as the high quality of oxygen due to year round green of a magnificent rain forest, as well as we are so close to where the Aura Borealis occurs. My conjecture too is that there is a very large antenna in Seattle…. the space needle !

While here in July on my vision quest I was awestruck by the light as the nights are very bright.  Even on a cloudy day there is so much silvery- golden light that shimmers through.  This area could very well be the last pristine place on the planet that is habitable. Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Hood Canal and on the north by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Peninsula is anchored by the majestic Olympic Mountains.  No other place in America can match its diversity in terrain and weather in such a compact geographic area.  There are glacier lakes, waterfalls, rivers and rain forests, oh my!

Olympic National Park, a designated World Heritage site and Biosphere, rests in the heart of the Peninsula, combining the rocky Pacific Ocean coast and the snowy Olympic Mountain peaks with the unique rain forests.  On the western slopes, large herds of elk roam the temperate rain forests and the green river valleys. This is the home of some of the world’s largest trees, many with thick cloaks of moss, and an astounding array of mushroom and lichens.  The northern slopes are sheltered by a rain shadow that protects the lush valleys and provides the perfect climate for growing long-lasting flowers, especially lavender. I live in the area of the rain shadow at the top of the Olympic peninsula.  This very well could be the tip of the “new world”, I am so incredibly grateful to be living here in this spot right now on our planet. Below is a link to the trailer from the PBS special Echoes of Creation, highlighting this area of the northwest.

I have settled in what feels like a stellar nursery here in Port Townsend, a birthing ground for the new consciousness on the planet. Fifth dimensional healing room to midwife my own rebirth and then be of assistance for the mass consciousness rebirth.

Echoes of Creation

Or purchase DVD on Amazon

Love and Gratitude,


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