The Prelude

Hello…. where do I begin, always the most challenging is it not? This is a journey I would like to share and have the precarious task of placing you within the appropriate moment. I could start when I was a child…..perhaps where my book (Metamorphosis) begins …… …. you can read that in my book.  I am feeling that you should drop into this new timeline where I entered two weeks ago. There it is, I will begin on October 10th 2010, actually a couple of months prior to that to allow for the full breadth of this shift.

After spending a year in a crystal singing bowl temple in Boulder with over 3,000 crystal bowls I awoke one day and realized that I must move on.  My time in the temple was completed and I remembered sound healing and now having been re-calibrated to handle higher frequencies I must go hold that frequency somewhere…. Indeed, yet where?  It was then that I knew that I must go on a vision quest.

Within a week, I was on the road to the west and then on up to the northwest, specifically Washington state. I have not been to this land before a last frontier for me as I have lived everywhere else in the United States…. just never the northwest. I had a knowing before I left on this journey that I would not be returning home or perhaps only to prepare for yet another move.

My 3 week quest had proven to be nothing short of transformational, having a total shift in perception an ascension. I leaped to a whole new timeline, just as when someone transitions from their physical body I too left my old body and awoke to another level of awareness.

My journey was not that of rest and relaxation it was really quite laborious – like birthing.  A journey of insight, clarity, trust and courage.  Courage to recognize truth and to let go of illusion.  Trust in my highest knowing that I must leave behind all the things that I love such as family, a newly adopted pet and all my pretty things that I just acquired for my new home in Boulder. Also the clarity, to stay focused on the divine path as not to get distracted and fall back into the grand illusion.

Upon my return home I shared this with my husband of almost 30 years that I was going to have to move to Washington and knowing me as he did he understood this and supported my decision.

In 8 weeks I packed the items I needed, sold the rest and made all the final arrangements including the goodbyes.  For those of you that do not know me this has been a common theme for sometime, no… my entire lifetime.  I can recall countless farewell parties as well as so many goodbyes.  I never imagined leaving behind everything I ever knew.  Yet… things are different now are they not?  Nothing is familiar…. everything is new.  I became aware of this when I was on my quest and those of you following the earth’s changes and listening to your heart are most likely aware of this too.

Upon my arrival I was welcomed in such a manner that I have never known as though everyone had been waiting for me.  Such love was shown and accommodations provided to assist me in every way.  A perfect place for me to reconnect with the earth as it has been lifetimes – a place where I can walk by the water everyday and breathe the cleanest of air.  The simplicity and ease that this small space provides for me as well as the perfect writing spot to finish my book, “Metamorphosis”. In the 3 short weeks I have been here I have experienced many new things including new thought patterns.  I will have insights and power moments that will be inspiration for my book and will be shared on this blog. Real time writing you might say.   I honor you for connecting with me on my adventure as well as with the birth of “metamorphosis”.  

I have come to this timeline first and foremost to fall in love again………..with me, to remember who I am and to allow for healing; as I have entered  my healing room and within my healing room I will have all that I need to midwife my own transformation.

Love and Remembering,


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  1. rose heart
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 21:33:08

    My Soul is crying out “I want to go on a Vision Quest” My mind is saying, “You cannot walk away from a company that took you 3 years to build that is finally paying you abundantly”


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